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Selling for Geniuses

Selling for Geniuses,
co-authored by Susan Nielsen, President of Leaderscapes, is here!

Do you consistently make great connections that lead to revenue dollars for your business? If you are ready to ramp up your results and learn to sell without having to sell, this book is for you.



This book is called Selling for Geniuses for a reason. Like you, we’re sick to death of being called “Dummies” or “Idiots” just because some particular task or topic happens to be outside our area of expertise. You are a genius, and your business success will reflect that if you sell the right way. It’s easier than you think, and the tools you need to make it happen are in this book!

Selling for Geniuses is for…

  • Someone that wants to ramp up sales results and learn to sell without having to sell.

  • Business owners that routinely get involved in the sales and marketing process for their business.

  • Anyone that wants to build business in an intentional and systematic way.

What is this book about?
Selling is what we have to do to be able to do what we want to do. In other words, unless someone is willing to pay you for your services, all you are doing is volunteer work. While that is noble, most people are in business to be paid for their expertise. To do so, you have to be able to sell.

Selling for Geniuses was written by a group of coaches, speakers and facilitators that have built successful practices using the concepts they write about. It doesn’t matter what business the reader is in. The ideal reader runs a business and doesn’t have selling in their title. However, if the business depends on revenues developed by you, this book is for you.

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