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Do you need a speaker for your next networking, community service or other social group event?  Whether you choose from our “most popular” titles or work with us to create something new, every workshop we give is customized for your audience & unique to your needs. 

Our “Most Popular” Titles:

Winning at Sales: You Can't Sell a Red Dress to a Person Who Wants a Blue Hat

All of us are involved in selling every day.  Are your sales activities generating anticipated results?  Are you reaching the decision makers and understanding their needs?  In this interactive session, we’ll focus on creating a sales attitude, prospecting for those who want to buy your products or services, identifying and understanding the buying/selling process, and strategies to transform your sales results.

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Strategic Alignment: Beyond the Buzzwords

This workshop is targeted for business owners and executives of medium & large size organizations, though the information is useful for small businesses, as well.  Many organizations periodically develop vision statements, and to their credit, those that do create a vision statement also understand the importance, at least in principle, of aligning the rest of the company to their strategic direction.  However, in spite of all good intentions, the majority of organization fall way short in their attempts to become properly aligned. In this workshop, we challenge some of the prevailing views of strategic alignment, explore critical areas of alignment, examine the relationship between strategic alignment and leadership, and uncover common organizational “conditions” that indicate misalignment.

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The Power of Customer Loyalty: Leveraging Points of Connection

How do your customers really feel about your organization? What are you doing to build a loyal customer base?  In this workshop, we'll focus on: why each point of connection a customer has with your organization must be considered, what makes an effective point of connection delivery system, why you should listen to the voice of your customer, why you should develop a point of connection evaluation, and why customer complaints are critical to your organization.

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Implementing a “Pluto” Strategy:  Get Your Head Out of Uranus

This session is designed for entrepreneurs and business owners.  Do you have a vision for where you want to be?  What is keeping you from getting there?  In this session, we'll explore building the brand, how your personal gifts, professional fears and self-limiting beliefs impact your success, what you really want, and action steps for closing the gap. 


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