I am committed to helping my clients find a better way.

My clients are business owners and C-level business leaders who strive for improvement. They seek growth through learning and are in it for the long haul. Unfortunately, they also feel like they are spinning their wheels, working too hard for not enough return. They know they spend too much time and energy on the same old problems or are constantly distracted from their goals by the problem of the day. They believe in the development & engagement of their people, but struggle to make it happen consistently.  And though they made be surrounded by people all day, they feel alone in their struggles; some find it hard to lean in and trust outsiders.  

Still, they know there must be a better way.  I help clients find THEIR better way.


At the end of the day, it’s your business, your team and your decision. You are in business for yourself because you wanted that responsibility; you wanted that control, as well as the freedom that comes with it.  But the same old thinking brings the same old results. If you want something to change, you have to change something.  And when it comes to your business or your team, that “something” is YOU. 

I’ll work with you to:

  • clarify your vision & claim what’s truly important to you

  • prioritize goals & solve issues

  • explore limiting beliefs & other habits of thinking that may be keeping you stuck

  • leverage learning and other investments for change & transformation

  • honor & preserve what’s useful & working AND shift what’s not

My clients see significant and measurable improvements in all aspects of their business, from enhanced engagement & effectiveness to improved initiative & accountability.  They have more fun working “in” their business, as well as “on” their business, resulting in less stress and more peace of mind.

I founded Leaderscapes in 2006 as part of claiming the life that I wanted to have. After years of striving to ascend the corporate ladder only to find that the rules of the game were changing at every turn and with each subsequent manager, I set out on my own to challenge old paradigms about leadership, culture & transformation.  Little did I know how much my own habits of thinking would change, or how often they’d be challenged on my quest.

I communicate & integrate ideas & lessons learned with stories, metaphors, and analogies (not all of my analogies are good.) To me, there isn’t just one right way. And the smallest tweaks in thinking can bring some of the biggest and best changes in results. 
I understand how organizations work and combine it with an understanding of people & behavior to help you make lasting change. 

My style is practical & straightforward. I’m told that my energy & positive outlook are contagious; I strive to bring hope and a fresh perspective to every interaction. I attempt to meet people where they are and create a safe space for you to be everything you are.

I bring 30+ years of experience leading & supporting transformational change, teaching & developing leaders, and helping people claim the life they want to have (no kidding, the whole kit and caboodle). I am a proud Growth10 partner, TTI associate, and member of the Trusted Advisers Network (TAN).  These affiliations support my personal development, as well as provide the best possible thought-provoking resources for my clients.  I am a Certified Business Coach, with additional training in neuroscience-based coaching, and completion of the Co-Active Training Institute’s Leadership Program. My master’s degree is in Training and Human Resource Development; bachelor’s degrees are in Mathematics and English.

Susan is a Certified Business Coach and an active affiliate of the Trusted Advisers Network in Reading, PA.  With TAN, she is part of a network of skilled coaches across the United States. Susan holds a Master’s Degree in Training & Human Resource Development from the University of Wisconsin — Stout, and Bachelor’s Degrees in English and Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin — River Falls.  She has taught strategy, leadership, and critical thinking courses at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota in the Organizational Leadership Master’s Degree Program.  Susan is also a graduate of the Leadership Program by Co-Active Training Institute.

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