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Strategy Development & Execution

Your organization is specifically designed to get the results you are getting today. If you want something to change, you have to change something.

Executive Coaching

Leaderscapes coaching process is grounded in self-leadership principles, with self-leadership as the springboard to leading others. Coaching is about Insight, Perspective, and Choice.

Leader Training

Leadership is cause and all else is effect. As a leader, everything you do, everything you don’t do, everything you say, and everything you don’t say — it all has impact, whether intended or unintended.


Susan brings a hassle-free experience for you while creating a dynamic, thought-provoking experience for your audience who will leave inspired, determined, and armed with ideas, tools, and concrete action steps.

Why clients choose us?


We help our clients break down the elements of performance, find alignment, gain traction and get moving. 

Latest Insights


Why Do You Lead?

You don’t have to be a leader of others. Whether you became a leader by choice or by chance, you didn’t have to go that route. The world is full…
It is never too late to begin

Uncomfortable? That’s a Good Start

Is your present situation not cutting it? Have you decided to make a change? Do you want a different level of success? Has your definition of success changed? Embracing change…

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