At Leaderscapes

We see the possibility in imperfection

We help our clients break down the elements of performance, find alignment, gain traction and get moving. 

Our clients are business owners and C-level business leaders who strive for improvement. They desire growth, seek to learn, and are in it for the long haul. Unfortunately, they also feel like they are spinning their wheels, working too hard for not enough return. They’ve seen mixed results, but know that getting the best results takes time, commitment, and most of all — leadership.  They know they spend too much time and energy on the same old problems, rather than the things that will bring growth and overall performance improvement. They believe in the development and engagement of their people, but struggle to make it happen consistently. Bottom line: they know there must be a better way.


At Leaderscapes

  • We have a proven, straightforward approach to bring order and accountability to the messiness of performance growth and development.
  • We help you get beyond the day to day chaos of treating symptoms and work with you to develop long term, controlled, sustainable solutions.
  • Our clients feel the results — then measure them.

Leaderscapes is located in Minnesota; most of our client engagements are with manufacturing companies around the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area and Western Wisconsin.  We have also partnered with leaders in construction, banking, finance, distribution, and small business.

Our Story

Leaderscapes was founded in 2006 by Susan LaCasse.  Susan knows first hand the challenges of creating a culture of continuous improvement and the leadership that significant culture change demands. 

Susan has a practical, straightforward style that connects with leaders at all levels. Her energy and positive outlook are contagious; she brings hope, a fresh perspective, and a systems approach to everything she does.  She understands how organizations work and combines it with an understanding of people and behavior to influence positive change.  She is a unique combination of coach, catalyst, and trusted advisor.

Through our work with leaders and team, our clients see significant, measurable improvements in organizational effectiveness, engagement & retention, initiative, accountability, confidence, and peace of mind — all of which ultimately impact the bottom line.

Susan is a Certified Business Coach and an active affiliate of the Trusted Advisers Network in Reading, PA.  With TAN, she is part of a network of skilled coaches across the United States. Susan holds a Master’s Degree in Training & Human Resource Development from the University of Wisconsin — Stout, and Bachelor’s Degrees in English and Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin — River Falls.  She has taught strategy, leadership, and critical thinking courses at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota in the Organizational Leadership Master’s Degree Program.  Susan is also a graduate of the Leadership Program by Co-Active Training Institute.

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