An effective board has all the elements of a high performing team — with a few important differences. Perhaps most important is the reliance on board members for financial support of the organization, not just from their own resources, but also those acquired through personal connections and influence. This adds an interesting dynamic to the organization-board relationship — one that organization leaders and teams often find difficult to navigate.

Board member term limits and rotating board leadership add additional complexity. The role of the board in achieving the organizational goals also matters. Some boards are about governance, others are more hands-on, and many do all of the above.

As organizations evolve, Boards also need to evolve.

Common challenges working with boards:

We’ll work with you to understand your specific challenges and how those challenges are impacting your organization. Then we’ll design an intervention, for you, your team, board leadership, and/or your board, to address those challenges, with clearly defined measures of success.

Through the process, we give the game away, so to speak, teaching what we do and how we do it. This up-skilling gives our clients a greater return on their investment, empowering them to continue the process of growth together.

Along the way, we’ll share feedback and make needed adjustments. Our final report will detail the project steps, obstacles, lessons learned, and recommendations for next steps.

Sample of recent Board engagements:

  • Engaged virtually with Board and organization leaders in a trade association to refine their strategic plan, align on priorities, and galvanize support from the broader organization by garnering and incorporating their feedback; set up quarterly goals and metrics to support organizational focus and execution; solidified board member roles/responsibilities, as well as rules of engagement for organizational interactions.
  • Worked with organizational leadership in a medical non-profit to establish a formal strategic plan, including vision, core purpose and values, and year by year initiatives; engaged board to review and challenge the plan, leading to more refinement by the team, and ultimately a reasonable, focused, aligned plan, including resource needs and success metrics.
  • Helped non-profit executive director reframe and address individual board member challenges using easily understood frameworks and coaching methods, as well as by improving the director’s self-awareness in regard to their own intent and impact.
  • Facilitated in-person board retreat with objective of accelerating the development of relationships with new board members, as well as reset board focus after some recent board drama between former members.

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