Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching process empowers leaders to design and implement a plan for the development of their teams and organizations, as well as for their own leadership development.  In this confidential 1:1 relationship, you can explore and resolve a wide range of issues, strengthen leadership and decision making capabilities, and tackle both business and life issues.

How it works:

We’ll work together to determine your coaching agenda, goals, and measurements of success, and we’ll design our engagement to support your agenda, including session cadence, duration, schedule and investment.

Then, using tested frameworks, assessments, and other tools/resources, we’ll work through real business problems together, always keeping the broader coaching agenda in mind.

Along the way, we’ll share feedback and make needed adjustments to ensure you get what you need from our relationship. And we’ll take time near the end of our engagement to understand and quantify the value you’ve received.

We know that businesses grow as leaders grow.

Our coaching clients routinely report benefits like:

  • Making better decisions faster (individually, as well as with their teams)
  • Addressing problems and approaching challenges with enhanced confidence
  • Worrying less; less stress at work and bringing less stress home
  • Improvements in team member accountability without damaging long-standing relationships
  • More productive conflict and less unnecessary, unproductive conflict
  • Getting more done in less time — and having more time for family or activities outside of work

From the experience of being coached, you’ll improve your own coaching skills — creating a return that is exponentially greater than your investment.

We can work in-person, remotely, or hybrid, depending on preference and location.

When you contact us, we’ll chat and decide if we are a good fit for each other. If not, we know lots of great coaches we can recommend so that you get what you need.

Our coaching experience includes experienced executives, newly promoted/transitioning executives, experienced and new middle-managers, emerging leaders, new leaders, and team leaders. Whether already highly successful or struggling, we meet leaders where they are.

"Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.”
– Pat Riley