Executive Coaching

The one characteristic common to all high performing individuals, from executives to athletes, is the fact that they all have a coach — and sometimes more than one.

Leaderscapes coaching process is grounded in self-leadership principles, with self-leadership as the springboard to leading others.  Coaching is about Insight, Perspective, and Choice.

The process has three phases, though the progress is not always linear:

We view leadership as a practice — and coaching as the ultimate continuous improvement program. We have helped even the most seasoned leaders identify and close performance gaps, whether in C-Level or other management positions, at a pace not otherwise possible.  From the experience of being coached, our clients learn to coach their own teams better, creating a return that is exponentially greater than your investment.  Through coaching, our clients:

  • improve self-confidence & self-leadership
  • improve the quality of their relationships & ability to be a better team member
  • step fully & confidently into their role as leader
  • address problems with confidence
  • shift their overall approach in ways that improve their results

Coaching can be delivered in person, remotely, 1:1 or in groups depending on your preferences and needs.

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