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This blog is for leaders, managers, consultants, coaches — anyone interested in doing change better, whether personal, professional, or organizational.

Most of us, when asked, embrace the opportunity to change — but meaningful change is very hard to do. It’s hard to initiate the change, even harder to stay the course, hardest of all to make the change stick. It takes extraordinary effort to stop doing something in our comfort zone in order to start something difficult that would be good for us in the long run.

Here you'll find tips and info to help you understand, navigate and do change better.

Change is a Self-Leadership Challenge

If you review the table of contents for most leadership courses, they focus on self-awareness, but not necessarily self-leadership. Leadership development tends to be about how well you lead others, not how well you lead yourself. Self-leadership is not easy or everyone would do it. You are never done; you always have room for improvement. There are people I look up to, people who are better at self-leadership than I am, who will tell you they have a long way to go. Self-leadership requires discipline, accountability and humility, plus courage and vulnerability. These are all qualities you'd expect in a...
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Arguing for Your Excuse? Use This Tool for Change

All success starts with change. To make something better, you have to look at the present situation, decide to make a change, then improve and grow. Success comes as a result of improvement and growth, but the process starts with change. If you want to improve business results, you first must accept that your present situation is not cutting it and you need to change to improve. Embracing change goes beyond the "decision" to change. You must experience a change in yourself -- a shift in your thinking, in your wants, and in your willingness to be uncomfortable as you...
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