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This blog is for leaders, managers, consultants, coaches — anyone interested in doing change better, whether personal, professional, or organizational.

Most of us, when asked, embrace the opportunity to change — but meaningful change is very hard to do. It’s hard to initiate the change, even harder to stay the course, hardest of all to make the change stick. It takes extraordinary effort to stop doing something in our comfort zone in order to start something difficult that would be good for us in the long run.

Here you'll find tips and info to help you understand, navigate and do change better.

Beware of 'Business as Usual'

After hours of discussion and planning, you stood with the executive team at the company meeting and announced the strategic plans for the year. There would be big changes, you said, changes that would mean great things for the company -- and more importantly, make things easier for everyone. There will be some extra work up front, to set things in order for the changes, but afterwards it is going to be great. Life will be better. We will all benefit from a more positive, easy-going culture. You promised. That meeting was more than a year ago. Changes were implemented,...
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