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This blog is for leaders, managers, consultants, coaches — anyone interested in doing change better, whether personal, professional, or organizational.

Most of us, when asked, embrace the opportunity to change — but meaningful change is very hard to do. It’s hard to initiate the change, even harder to stay the course, hardest of all to make the change stick. It takes extraordinary effort to stop doing something in our comfort zone in order to start something difficult that would be good for us in the long run.

Here you'll find tips and info to help you understand, navigate and do change better.

Leadership at a Distance

The Coronavirus threat has changed things -- and I'm not just talking about the TP shortage at your local big box store. Whether you're still headed to the office each day or you've set up shop at home, leading at a distance -- real or virtual -- takes extra effort. And the general uneasiness from this ever-evolving pandemic adds a whole new dynamic to the role of leader. Here are three strategies for leading effectively during these unusual times. All are practices you may want to continue beyond the life cycle of Covid-19. 1. Use goals to set up new...
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An Open Letter to the 'Tin Man'

"When a man's an empty kettle he should be on his mettle, and yet I'm torn apart. Just because I'm presumin' that I could be kind-a-human, if I only had a heart. I'd be tender - I'd be gentle and awful sentimental regarding love and art. I'd be friends with the sparrows ... and the boys who shoot the arrows if I only had a heart. Just to register emotion, jealousy, devotion, and really feel the part. I could stay young and chipper and I'd lock it with a zipper, If I only had a heart." - Wizard of Oz...
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The Generous Leader

Generous is defined as: (1) liberal in giving: openhanded (2) marked by abundance or ample proportions, or (3) characterized by a noble or kindly spirit: magnanimous. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/generous. Generosity is the quality of being generous. My inner cynic says generosity in business and leadership would be considered waste because it means going beyond what is expected or required -- classified as over-processing. But my heart says different -- that generosity as a leadership quality is a value-add. What does it mean to be a generous leader?   I think it means you kindly give of yourself and your resources without expecting...
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"A Year From Now You'll Wish You Started Today"

That's a quote attributed to author Karen Lamb -- with the intent to get you started on that project you've been putting off. What if that project you've been putting off is YOU? I've been listening to podcasts and reading blogs about how to start off the new year on the right foot . A meme I found on social media suggested lifting your left foot in the air right as the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve. Get it? Start the year on your right foot? Well, I have a less corny and more effective way to offer....
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Leading Change: Brownies, Boulevard Trees and an Old Office Chair

I sat with the others, waiting for the meeting to start. Our leader was checking people in, each taking their turn on the scale after removing belts and accessories -- anything that might help that result look better. When we were all settled in, she began the meeting, asking if anyone had questions or concerns we needed to discuss right away. Someone behind me raised their hand. "I don't think I can do this," she said. "On this program I can't eat a pan of brownies anymore." We were in a weight loss group. Eating a pan of brownies in...
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Change and the F-Word: Feelings

There is a subject people often find uncomfortable to talk about, especially in business, despite being a universal human experience: feelings.   I often say “Feelings” is the F-word of business.   You might be surprised to hear how many different feelings come up when we discuss the topic of feelings in leadership workshops. Just the mere mention of the subject can bring out feelings of anger, frustration and irritation in participants. But though we don’t like to talk about it, we all have feelings. In fact, we even have feelings about our feelings — and about everyone else’s feelings....
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