commitOur best clients are change leaders, whether up in the C-suite or down on the shop floor. They strive each day to create a culture of engagement through continuous improvement.

Our clients know that getting the best results from continuous improvement tools and methodologies takes time, commitment, and effective leadership. They are in it for the long haul. But they are tired of spending time and energy on the same old problems and want to put more energy into activities that will bring growth and performance improvement.

When they pause long enough to step back and look, they know there must be a better way.

As champions for change, influence is their primary tool. These leaders want growth for themselves, for others, and for the organization. They battle change resistance every day -- often from other leaders.

Leaderscapes' proven, straightforward approach brings structure and accountability to the “messiness” of growth and change. Change is a challenge because change requires a challenge to the status quo. We help leaders navigate the twists and turns of change. New ideas, tools, and a fresh perspective lead to improved results -- often in places they thought they'd never gain traction.

Our client list includes companies from 1M-150M. We work primarily in manufacturing, but have had success with clients in finance, IT services, retail, non-profit, and small business, as well.

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“I have worked with Sue personally in her role as a career coach, have had her work with my R&D and QA team in both individual and team development projects and been part of a management team with whom she facilitated strategic plan development. In all these situations Sue used her unique blend of insight and business understanding to help both individuals and teams achieve better than expected results. I highly recommend Sue as a coach or team facilitator to any business looking to improve individual or team performance.”

— Jon B., Technical Leader/R&D Manager