Insight. Perspective. Choice.

And over time, growth & transformation. Change happens from the inside out. If the same old thinking brings the same old results, then for results to change, you need new thinking.

A coach provides insight, helping the client connect their habits of thinking to their current circumstances. Together, coach and client seek new possibilities. They brainstorm alternate perspectives.

With more options, the client has more options -- no longer held hostage by familiar patterns and old habits. They make new, better choices, and create new, more effective processes & habits.

As a client works with the coach, the client also learns to self-coach. They start to see their own patterns and make connections for themselves. Self-awareness grows. From the experience of being coached, our clients learn to coach their own teams better, creating a return that is exponentially greater than your investment.

As a bonus, at Leaderscapes we have experience in all aspects of leadership, including:

  • employee relations
  • team dynamics
  • creating a continuous improvement culture
  • leading large-scale change & working through change resistance
  • understanding individual behavior
  • goals & accountability
  • managing up
  • first line supervision
  • executive leadership & strategic alignment

Our goal is your goal: improved performance. We link everything to strategy, culture, and your organization's values. We use assessments, homework, a lot of conversation, and any resources we can find to support our coaching clients in their transformation. We know that even small changes can bring big improvements in results.

Through our coaching process we help clients:

  • address immediate, practical problems
  • make better decisions
  • improve self-confidence & self-leadership
  • improve the quality of their relationships & be a better team member -- at work and at home
  • step fully & confidently into their leadership role
  • shift their approach in ways that improve their results

And so much more!

Our coaching clients include: leaders -- from the board room to the shop floor; talent -- accelerating the growth of up-and-comers; job seekers -- or anyone in major life transition; and any individual who seeks to claim the life they want to have. Coaching can be delivered in-person or remotely, 1:1 or in groups, depending on your preferences or needs.

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"I highly recommend both Sue, and her methods, to any individual striving to become a better leader. Or an organization, interested in building a truly effective leadership team.”

- Dave S, Operations Leader/Continuous Improvement Consultant