Are you tired of:

  • spending thousands of dollars on leader training every year only to keep having the same people problems?
  • interviewing dozens of job candidates for important positions only to find their leadership ability not up to par and having to start over?
  • always focusing on the "soft skills" and not enough on achieving measurable results?

 What would be possible for your business if:

  • You had your own sustainable, teachable leadership system?
  • Personal accountability was a natural part of your culture?
  • Employee engagement was simply how you did business?
  • Leader development wasn't just a nice thing to do. Instead, it led to improved business results like sales, safety, quality, delivery and cost?
  • You could build a strong bench of future leaders systematically and economically?

At Leaderscapes, that is what we do.

We know leadership is cause and all else is effect. We help organizations set up a leadership system -- much like a quality or continuous improvement system -- complete with tools, methods, measurements and audit processes. It's a proven, straight-forward system, that like other systems, gets results when used consistently. We describe it as human-centered and results-focused.

How it works:
We start with a required core curriculum focused on self-leadership. Leading yourself well is the foundation for success as a formal leader. Next, we add topics like communication, leading teams, and managing performance -- topics important for formal leadership. Base materials are supported with chalk-talk style videos. These take participants deeper into the content. Real-life examples and personal stories give meaning to concepts.
You can add topics to the basic curriculum based on your specific needs. As you build your leadership system, there may still be specific issues that need attention in your current culture. We can help you pick topics, and if needed, we can create specialized materials.

From there, you have more options, like 1:1 coaching, assessments, online group coaching, or in-person facilitated sessions. With the basics already covered through the core curriculum, these sessions are designed to deepen the learning and further the action. If you like, we have ongoing support options -- everything from mastermind groups to scheduled email messages. (Someday soon, we hope to say "there's an app for that!")

One more thing: as part of the process, we teach you what to expect from the process -- and how to handle it, as well as how to support and sustain the system.

As a leader, everything you do, everything you don’t do, everything you say and everything you don’t say has impact. Some impact is intended, some unintended. All impact builds or undermines team performance. If you want results to change, your people have to change, starting with you and your leadership team. 

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"I highly recommend both Sue, and her methods, to any individual striving to become a better leader. Or an organization, interested in building a truly effective leadership team.”

- Dave S, Operations Leader/Continuous Improvement Consultant