Individual or Group Coaching is the best choice for meaningful development.

As a leader, everything you do, everything you don’t do, everything you say and everything you don’t say has impact. Some impact is intended, some unintended. All impact builds or undermines team performance. If you want results to change, your people have to change, starting with your leadership team. In any organization, leadership is cause; all else is effect.

The case for better leader development gets stronger every day. The number one reason talented people leave an organization is their direct supervisor or manager. More open positions than people to fill them gives job seekers options -- and no reason to tolerate poor leadership. Baby Boomers are retiring, taking their years of experience with them and weakening bench strength. Millennial generations are taking over our workplaces, bringing their feelings to work with them and demanding promotion paths.

Leader development is at its most powerful when:

  • aligned with business strategy, goals, and execution
  • rooted in character development
  • valued by participants and connected to them personally
  • offered in an environment that is prepared to consistently and relentlessly support turning learning into action

The coach-client relationship is like no other. A coach can help and support a client in ways their manager can't. It's a neutral space, without interference of power or authority biases. It's a safe place for the client to build courage and express feelings without fear or shame. From this vulnerability comes personal growth.

We link everything to strategy, culture, and your organization's values. We use assessments, reading, assignments, goals, case studies — anything that best helps our clients gain the knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits needed for success. Our focus is transforming theory into practical application in the context of your business, giving you and your team a shared leadership language and a safe place to practice. Self-awareness is as the heart of all we do.

We also integrate a disciplined process of goal setting & achievement into our development processes. Goal-setting is not new, but still is a powerful structure for meaningful behavior change. Over time, what may seem like small personal changes translate into big organizational results.

From the experience of being coached, our clients also learn to coach their own teams better, creating a return that is exponentially greater than your investment.  Coaching can be delivered in-person or remotely, depending on your preferences or needs.

 "We move what we're learning from our heads through our hearts to our hands."  - Brené Brown

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"I highly recommend both Sue, and her methods, to any individual striving to become a better leader. Or an organization, interested in building a truly effective leadership team.”

- Dave S, Operations Leader/Continuous Improvement Consultant