Your organization is specifically designed to get the results you are getting today. You know that to “change” something, you need to change something, but you and your people already have a lot on your plates.

You need a resource — someone who can engage with your team on their turf, taking advantage of those teachable moments as they arise, and helping your leaders design, develop, and implement interventions that bring lasting change.

Using repeatable tools, frameworks, assessments and other processes, we’ll teach you and your team how we do what we do while we do it. We’ll work with individual team members through their specific challenges, creating a safe environment to learn and grow. We’ll challenge habits of thinking, old practices, hidden expectations and existing assumptions, all while moving the needle on the work of the business.

As much as possible, we’ll also leverage existing tools and frameworks that you’ve invested in over the years. We know that the last thing you need is another ‘flavor of the month’ on your hands. We’ll help you identify and clear the behavioral roadblocks to fully integrating those tools and frameworks into the every day fabric of how your organization operates.

How it works:

Sample of recent engagements:

  • Provided change-management expertise to engineering leadership team for large-scale transformation project. Attended team meetings, coached key transformation leaders, created communication plans, drafted communications, facilitated team meetings, and supported training development.
  • Facilitated strategic planning process with executive team, including development of vision, values, mission, purpose, initiatives and tactics; introduced new strategic execution process and helped executive leaders cascade the process throughout the company; attended team meetings as needed to support rollout; facilitated quarterly team retreats.
  • Helped senior leader transform a group of managers into a high performing team. Completed an assessment process to identify issues and gaps; coached key leaders; introduced new team processes for problem solving, issues resolution, action planning and accountability; facilitated team meetings and transitioned facilitation to team members; supported team members in applying the same methodology to their teams.
  • Provided support for an ownership transition as company founders retired; facilitated process to help a group of employee-owners establish new processes for issues resolution and decision making, address power-sharing and individual conflicts, and ensure a relatively smooth transition in ownership for all.
  • Revamped company’s interview and selection process and tools; attended interviews, assessed interviewer skills, coached leaders as needed, developed standard tools, processes and templates in alignment with company values and business needs.

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"The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence -- it is to act with yesterday’s logic.”
~ Peter Drucker