Three things I know about your business:

You know your business much better than anyone or any firm coming in from the outside.

You and your people already have a lot on your plates.

Your organization is specifically designed to get the results you are getting today.

You want help, but you don’t want someone who professes to know everything about your business, since obviously they can’t and don’t. What you do want is help form someone who will work with you & your team so you can create desired change that leads to the results you want. 

You know that when you & your team grow & change together, change is sustainable. Change happens from the inside out — so you need someone on the inside, but you don’t want to bring on a full-time person.

I’ll engage with your team on their turf, participating with them in regular business activities, and taking advantage of those teachable moments that inevitably arise.  I’ll work with individual team members through their specific challenges, creating a safe environment to learn & grow.  We’ll challenge habits of thinking, old practices, hidden expectations, and existing assumptions, all while moving the needle on the work of the business.

Sample consulting projects include:

This is team development as a process, as action, not an event.

If any of these scenarios sound or feel familiar, we should talk:

  • You have big goals, but there always seems to be something working against you. Whether it’s team member drama or having to chase down day-to-day problems, you’re tired of being reactive & feeling exhausted.

  • You’re trying to achieve growth, but you keep running into roadblocks like there is some kind of invisible force keeping your organization stuck.

  • You are making a big investment that will transform your business — and you need to get this right. You’ve got the tools, processes & technology parts covered, but the people part is where things have historically gone wrong.

  • You’ve already done a lot of work to improve your business, but results aren’t quite what you thought they would be.  You want to leverage what you’ve already done and bring real, sustainable change to your organization.

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