Team Building

The most important role of any leader is to build a high performing team.

Group team building sessions are one way to help teams develop and work together to their potential. Team building events provide insight into team dynamics and identify roadblocks to high performance. Leaderscapes signature team building seminar — The Song Writing Seminar — also invites team members out of their comfort zones.

The Song Writing Seminar is for teams of 2-20. With the support of an expert facilitator (Susan) and a professional songwriter (Andy), your team will write & record a song. They’ll choose the subject, write the lyrics, find the melody — and sing on the original recording.

Through the song writing process, your team will:

  • Experience all stages of team development (Tuckman’s Model: forming, storming, norming, performing)

  • Be challenged to communicate with each other to complete tasks, solve problems, and make decisions

  • Work together and collaborate to achieve a better outcome

  • Be challenged to engage their creative thinking side

  • Be encouraged to engage and play full-out through the activity

  • Build trust & respect

  • Improve self-confidence and confidence in each other

  • Have some serious FUN!

You can choose between a half-day or full-day format. The full-day format is recommended for larger teams (12+) or where you know you have serious challenges with team dynamics that you want to address during the session.  We can combine the Song Writing process with other assessments & activities to best support your team.  

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